We created FishIt to make it easier for anglers to save their secret spots, plan their next fishing trip, and connect with and learn from a quality and knowledgeable community of likeminded fishermen.

Our team appreciates all types of fishing – lake, deep sea, fly, drop, spear, you name it – and we’re building our app, our website, and our community accordingly.

We love fishing, and we love giving back. That’s why we are proud to donate 10% of all sales to the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.

Current Version

Our free fishing spot app allows users to save their favorite fishing spots, including details on fish species, conditions, and other information. Rate your own spots so you can quickly decide which ones to hit on your next outing. Pull up the coordinates to easily navigate back, and use satellite imaging to identify new saltwater flats, lakes, rivers, and reefs.

Easily mark your position with a tap, and then take your spots with you – whether you’re on your own boat, on foot, or on a rental! Find out about a new spot somewhere else? No worries – locate the spot on the map, tap and hold. Saved for next time.

What’s Next?

Upcoming updates will add detailed weather forecasting, including wind speed, tide info, precipitation, and more. We also plan to incorporate fish identification, regulations on species, expert tips and tricks, and sharing options (but rest easy, your spots will ALWAYS be secret unless you decide to share), along with some other features we’re keeping under our hat for now.

We release updates on a monthly basis, so you’ll be receiving new features regularly – we’re just getting started, so jump in with us and help us grow – we love feedback!

About the Developer

Rory Brown Jr. is a young American entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Creator of Fish!t, an iOS navigation app used to track and save favorite fishing locations.

Rory developed FishIt version 1.0 to track his favorite fishing experiences and have the ability to return to the exact position on any boat. The current version of the application can be downloaded from the Apple Store for free and has a 5-star rating.

FishIt Version 2.0 is in development. The next release will include weather forecasting, including detailed information on tides, wind speed, and other factors applicable to planning your next fishing trip. Rory credits his success to being passionate about fishing and technology and having the desire to build a community of like minded Anglers.

Based in Charleston, SC, Rory will matriculate from Porter-Gaud High School in June of 2019.

Pin your spot

Finally getting solid hits? Drop a pin and give it a name and a description to build your library of locations.

Save your spot

All your favorite locations are saved, making it easy to pull them back up the next time you have a free afternoon.

Get coordinates

Use Fish!t or your favorite navigation app (using supplied coordinates) to easily return to exactly the spot you want.